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As a spiritual seeker at heart with a love for hospitality and a visionary passion for synchronization, I have practiced intuitive organization for over 20 years by raising the vibration of individuals and businesses from Colorado to California. My roots stem from the hospitality industry, where I specialized in event management. After synchronizing spaces for Fortune 500 conferences, social celebrations and corporate gatherings, my path soon led me to the synchronization of small businesses in the hospitality industry, supporting leaders in implementing systems, working with them to see the bigger picture and establish structure making their dreams become a reality. 

After several years of making others dreams come true and realizing there is more to life than that of which we can see, I took time off to truly look for the answers.  What I found was remarkable, finding myself, finding clarity and learning we are all here on a mission, to give that of which we came here to be of service for and to gain the lesson of why we are here to give. 


Always knowing there was more to success, I started manifesting my dream of incorporating my energy work into building blocks of personal and professional success.  Today, I follow my passion of raising vibration, sparking productivity and illuminating the potential with in others as I simplify and stimulate energy to manifest client's personal and professional goals. As a QHHT practitioner and having studied under Nanette Giacoma’s expertise of Achieving Professional Success by the Power of Chakras, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s understanding of emotions, Christie Marie Sheldon’s knowledge of the art of letting go, Marie Diamond’s practices of Feng Shui Principles, Mary T Sise  releasing emotions through tapping with the energy of belief and Donna Eden’s concept of knowing your energetic self, I incorporate these unconventional methods and believe that everything can correlate to the chakra system. Step-by-step, homes, businesses and individuals can be synchronized to reach their true potential, it all starts with your roots!

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