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helping others find their Personal Power!


As a spiritual seeker at heart with a love for hospitality and a visionary passion for synchronicity I bring over 20 years of experience and would like to say I have spread good vibes and raised the energy of individuals and businesses all across Colorado and California. Specializing in event management and small business synchronization, I've helped countless leaders achieve their dreams by setting up effective systems and structures. 

After working with many individuals from all walks of life and making others dreams come true, I realizing there is more to life than that of which we can see so I took time off to truly look for the answers.  It was then I realized I had found myself going back to my roots to find those answers.  Sparked by the wonder of why I born to a father I no longer spoke to and how did I get so lucky to find another who treated me as his own.  With my mother married at 21, having me at 22 and divorced at 23 I was a toddler with a single parent.  A true independent woman, working to support the both of us we were soon whisked away by the man I quickly called Dad.  Bringing me a family I never had, I went from an only child to one of five.  We were five and alive sharing the growth and treasures experienced in a blended family. Being a middle child, learning how to fit in and understanding abandonment, I found myself alone many of times. Years went by and it was when Dad found himself needing me as much as I had needed him it came full circle.  After years or Parkinson’s Disease, Lewy body Dementia, psychiatric-wards and many trips to the nursing home - Dad passed in peace as I stood by his side.  By now I was well educated in spirit, having seen my fair share of psychics and visiting metaphysical shops and now having a room full of crystals and tarot cards - I truly thought I was going to see a ghost enter the room as he crossed-over.  It was to my full lack of understanding that I now know there was so much more to learn while asking the questions; why did both my biological father and my adopted farther past in the same year, what was out there that I needed to know about a father I last spoke to at 7 years old.  Was there meaning, was I missing out on something in my life - what else was I supposed to know, what was I suppose to find?


My life soon became about vibrating on vortexes in Sedona, visiting shamans in Costa Rica, experiencing healings in Hawaii and spiritual encounters with St. Germaine on Mt. Shasta.  Studying the teachings of the Violet Flame and learning the I AM Discourses, I was soon able to release the emotional energy blocks that were holding me back from finding my personal power.  Learning about our own energy centers the chakras, truly understanding how the  physical, emotional and mental energy bodies affect our well-being and how negative energy can block our Biofield - it was then I knew what life was really about, the path we walk and that of which the old sages talk about, I then needed to find out more to go help others.  What I found was remarkable, see we are all here to give and to gain, while walking the path of self-love. Finding myself helped me understand the lessons I came here to gain, walking the path of self-love allowed me to be of service to others. 


Today, I follow my passion of raising vibration, sparking productivity and illuminating the potential within others as I connect on a soul level to remove energies that no longer serve their higher good.  As a QHHT practitioner trained by Delores Cannon, holding a certificate in  Soul Speaks: The Language of the Body with Julia Cannon and having studied under Nanette Giacoma’s expertise of Achieving Professional Success by the Power of Chakras, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s understanding of emotions, Christie Marie Sheldon’s knowledge of the art of letting go, Marie Diamond’s practices of Feng Shui Principles, Mary T Sise  releasing emotions through tapping with the energy of belief and Donna Eden’s concept of knowing your energetic self, I incorporate these unconventional methods and believe that everything can correlate to the chakra system. Step-by-step, individuals can synchronize their life, businesses and homes to reach their true potential, it all starts with your roots!


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