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  • Cohesive Organizing

  • Event Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Catering Operations

  • Problem Solving

  • Hospitality Sales

  • Business Management

  • Employee Compliance

  • Protocol Perfectionist

  • Visionary Strategist

  • Financial Analiozing




Growing up in Michigan as a child of imagination, I spent my days creating scenes from my favorite show The Love Boat and later Hotel, envision that one-day I too would soon be living out the life of an organizer.  Being my mother's right hand as she planned party's for family and friends I soon learned that I had a love for hospitality.  Creating, organizing and seeing plans come to fruition brought me joy.  My endeavors took me West where I studied at the school of Hotel & Restaurant Management at Colorado State University.  As a founding member of their Hospitality Department I soon learned that hands on experience would be required.  Moving to Denver, Colorado to learn from the teaching of HYATT and furthering my career in Aspen, Colorado harvesting event management experience at the legendary Hotel Jerome, I soon become an expert of my craft.  Migrating West to California, I polished my skills learning from the best of the best at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and for nearly 10-years learning the "Gold Standards" of today's Hospitality Excellence I continue to share my knowledge in Southern California with business owners, restauranteurs and individuals alike supporting them in elevating their passions.  Always knowing there was more to success, I started manifesting my dream of incorporating my energy work into building blocks of personal and professional success.  I now guide individuals and businesses in getting back to basics through the energy centers of the Chakra System, reminding everyone that it all starts with your roots!

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